When, if ever, do you get the chance to hire the teacher?

In the spring and fall, we teach classes at different locations around San Diego. These classes focus on construction Do's and Don'ts for building successful water features.

The classes usually consist of a mix of homeowners and contractors. We answer all the basic questions as well as debunk pond myths.

We help homeowners.

Some may ask why we would teach others to do what we do. The answer is simple: Someone who can do it themselves would probably never have hired us to do the work, but we can still help that person achieve their goals. We can also help homeowners who hire us to build it for them after they realize how hard it really is. As for teaching other contractors, it is a very difficult thing to consistently build high-quality water features. We believe that most contractors will find their best business option is to hire us as a subcontractor.

Remember the old saying: "I taught you everything you know, not everything I know."

It is a steep learning curve understanding water features. As a homeowner, it is not uncommon to have to rebuild your water feature two, three, or even four times. As a contractor, having to rebuild a poorly constructed water feature even once means no profit—this is unacceptable. For those who truly have the passion to build water features and are not just in it as another revenue source, they will learn enough from our classes to continue to pursue their interest. Most contractors will realize after an attempt or two that hiring us as a subcontractor is their best option.

Water is a funny thing. As I like to say, "You can't cheat water."

Ask us how you can hire the teacher!